29 October 2015 – 29 January 2016

Artist and curator Catharina Bond has invited artists living and working in both Austria and the UK to explore, question and comment on the idea of the ‘real’ in a world characterised by constant transformation and virtual parallels. 

ADJACENT REALITIES is an exhibition program dealing with art production in the tension between a troubled "outside world" and the phenomenon of escapism into a private, utopian environment. ADJACENT REALITIES negotiated within the media photography, performance and sculpture questions on authenticity of pictures, the construction of parallel worlds and the relationship between virtual and adjacent realities. How do images translate the present? What role do artists play in this context? Does artistic production not only serve as possibility to escape into an “other” world? Is art not only an attempt to return to an utopian condition in which the feeling of self determination and exertion of influence still exists? 



Performance Evening

25 November 2015, 8 pm

Interventions presented by :
Denise Kottlett and Stefanie Sourial
Jude Crilly
Naomi Fitzsimmons
Liv Fontaine



Markus Guschelbauer, "Interieur/Exterieur III" 120 x150 xm, 2015

Markus Guschelbauer, "Interieur/Exterieur III" 120 x150 xm, 2015




Lecture  'The Mimetic Drive of Capital'

10 December 2015, 7 pm

'The Mimetic Drive of Capital'
by Jaspar Joseph-Lester

London based artist and reader in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art. Joseph-Lester’s work draws from the fields of architecture, design, urban studies, human geography, cinema and media studies, philosophy and spatial theory to explore the role that images play in determining urban planning, social space and subjectivity.








Austrian Cultural Forum London and Federal Chancellery of Austria